Real Terrorism:


While there’s no definitive comparison of murder rates in cities around the world, there’s no question Ciudad Juarez is now among the deadliest. It has had about 2,250 killings this year, a rate of 173 per 100,000 residents. That compares with 37 in Baltimore, the deadliest U.S. city with a population of more than 500,000.

This is what’s incredible. In the US, we talk about Baltimore and Philly and parts of Brooklyn and the Bronx being so dangerous. But Juarez is inches from El Paso, INCHES, and its economy is built on scores of American-owned factories and plants, and no one seems to notice that it’s being torn apart by evil. These articles in the NYT and other news sources aren’t even big news. It just sort of slips by, while we’re worried about the Afghanistan/Pakistan border halfway around the world and Tiger Woods. We talk about terror networks and keeping them out of the US, but the major cartels have infiltrated almost every city in the country. It’s ludicrous. Terrorism is here. What’s going on in Mexico is nothing BUT terrorism, perpetrated by the cartels, the army, the police, and the businessmen associated with them.

And the strangest reality of it all is that we are the primary sponsor for it. We sponsor terrorism. Billions of dollars worth of drugs come here every year, and we exert the majority of our efforts to ‘stop’ it on nailing poor black people selling 5$ and 10$ bags of crack and heroin and sending them away for decades under Rockefeller Laws and similar legislation.

This is the war on drugs. We are so critically inept. And no one really cares.


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