List of terrorist incidents, 1986


The following is a timeline of acts and failed attempts that can be considered non-state terrorism in 1986.

  • A bomb place on a bus in the West Bank kills one and severely injures three. A Jordanian Mahmoud Mahmoud Atta is arrested, extradited to Israel, convicted, sentenced to life in prison and freed by the Israeli Supreme Court. After the September 11 attacks, he was confused with ringleader Egyptian Mohammed Atta.[1]

  • February 3: Paris, Claridge passage (Champs Élysées) seven injured, another bomb failed to explode in the Eiffel tower, pro-Iranian (Fouad Ali Saleh group)

  • February 4: Paris, Gibert book shop, seven injured, Fouad Ali Saleh

  • February 5: Paris, FNAC-sports, 15 injured

  • February 17: A bomb explode in Shaheed Fayyaz bus terminal, Iranian capital of Teheran, kills one person and injures six, which blamed on Mujahadin Khalq guerrilla group.[citation needed]

  • February 28: Stockholm, Olof Palme assassination

  • March 17: TGV Paris, nine injured

  • March 20: Paris, Galerie Point-Show bombed, two dead, 21 injured

  • March 31: Mexicana Flight 940 explode, following crash in mountain area, Maravatio, Michoacan, Mexico, which claim responsibility for Arab Revolutionary Brgades and the Egyptian Revolutionaries terrorist groups. All 167 passengers and crews are fatalities in the crash.[citation needed]

  • April 2: TWA Flight 840 bombed on approach to Athens airport; four passengers (all of them American), including an infant, are killed.

  •  United States and  Germany April 5: 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing. A Berlin discotheque frequented by US servicemen was bombed, killing 3 people--A Turkish woman and two US servicemen--and injuring 230 including over 50 US servicemen. Libya was held responsible for this act.

  • April 9: A bomb blast in Khayyam Street, Iranian capital of Teheran, with twenty-two shop and four automobile damaged, kills 17 and injures more 100, which blamed on Mujahadin Khalq guerrilla group.[citation needed]

  • May 3: A bomb explodes aboard a Sri Lankan airliner in Colombo, Sri Lanka, killing 21 and injuring 40

  • May 22: An automatic weapon bomb into Krishna Nagar shopping district erea, Amritsar, Punjab of India. Kills eleven, which blame on Sikh extremist group.[citation needed]

  • June 14: ANC bombs Why Not Restaurant and Magoo's Bar in Durban, South Africa, three people killed, 73 wounded.

  • July 15: ETA Basque militant group bombs a Guardia Civil police truck, killing twelve.

  • September 5: Pan Am Flight 73, an American civilian airliner, is hijacked; 22 people die when plane is stormed in Karachi, Pakistan. A total of 359 passengers and crew survive. The attack was carried out by Muslim extremists and was possibly sponsored by Libya.

  • September 8: Paris town hall's post office bombed, one dead, 16 injured

  • September 12: Paris La Défense, Casino Supermarket's restaurant bombed, 43 injured

  • September 14: Paris, Pub Renault bombed, two dead, one injured

  • September 14: A bomb exploded in outside of Ginpo Airport, suburb of Seoul, South Korea, kills five and injures twenty-nine, which responsible for North Korean agents.

  • September 15: Paris, police headquarters bombed, one dead, 45 injured

  • September 17: Paris, Rue de Rennes a bomb explodes in the street, seven dead, 54 injured.

  • December 25: Iraqi Airways Flight 163 is hijacked, and 60 passengers and 3 crew members die when it crashes after a hand grenade is detonated in the cockpit. The pro-Iranian group "Islamic Jihad" claimed responsibility.

  • December 31: New Year's Eve fire at the Dupont Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, claimed 97 lives, mainly in the casino area. Fire set by three hotel workers, trying to make tourists stay away from Puerto Rico as a protest to their working wages.

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