List of terrorist incidents, 1987

The following is a timeline of acts and failed attempts that can be considered non-state terrorism in 1987.

  • March 16: A bomb blast in Chennai- Tirchchirappalli of Rockfort Express, following plunged into a bridge, Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu, India, which kills 25 and injures 150. Tamil Nadu Liberation Army member of Pichai Pillai arrested by suspiction of bomb blast on March 21, 1987.[citation needed]

  • April 21: Car bomb at bus terminal in Colombo, Sri Lanka kills 110 people.[1] This attack was carried by LTTE. [2][page needed]

  • April 25: Bombing of Greek Air Force bus carrying American military personnel. A group called November 17 claims responsibility.[3]

  • May 8: An assault by an IRA team on Loughgall RUC base is stopped by SAS commandos, who kill eight attackers and a civilian. See Loughgall Ambush.

  • June 19: Basque militant group ETA plant a bomb in the parking lot under the Hipercor hypermarket in Barcelona. It kills 21, 45 are injured. See 1987 Hipercor bombing.

  • July 5: A bomb blast in Lahore railroad station, following to Badami bus station, Lahore, Pakistan, which kills 10 and injures 50.

  • July 15: A huge bomb blast by bomb, where damage on Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road and Syedna Burhanuddin Street area, with many vehicles and shops are damaged, which kills 72 and injures 250.

  • September 15: A bomb blast in Kababyan Market area, Peshawar, Pakistan, with three shops and many vehicles damaged, kills 10 and injures 37.

  • September 20: A bomb blast in Raja bazaar area, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where 15 shops, telephon exchange center and many vehicles damaged, kills 10 and injures 40.

  • November 8: Remembrance Day Bombing parade in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh by the IRA. Eleven are killed and 63 injured.

  • December 11: Basque militant group ETA bomb a Guardia Civil police barracks in Zaragoza, killing eleven, 40 are injured.

  • December 26: 1987: Serviceman's Bar Attack - Catalan separatists bombed a Barcelona bar frequented by U.S. servicemen, resulting in the death of one U.S. and a number of Spanish citizens.

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