List of terrorist incidents, 1990

The following is a timeline of acts and failed attempts that can be considered non-state terrorism in 1990.

  • January 6: A car bomb explodes outside private offices in Bogotá. While no casualties are reported, the office belonged to the son of the personal secretary of Colombin president, Virgilio Barco.[1]

  • April 6: Colombian police defuse a truck containing more than a half-ton of explosives in a wealthy residential area of Bogotá. The truck had been parked in front of a high school and was set to go off during the morning rush.[2]

  • April 11: A bomb kills 14 and injures 100 in Medellín. The bomb was directed at a group of Elite Police and it is blamed on the Medellín Cartel, which had offered $100,000 for every anti-terrorism police killed and $ 4,500 for every regular policeman assassinated.[3]

  • April 25: A car bomb kills nine in Medellín. Authorities believe the Medellín Cartel is responsible. The next day, presidential candidate Carlos Pizarro Leongómez is assassinated while onboard a commercial airliner.[4]

  • April 25: A bomb hidden in a dump truck kills six and injures at least 36 in Bogotá.[5]

  • May 4: A bomb exploded in front of a pharmacy in Cali, killing four and wounding 20. It is blamed on the ongoing war between the two rival drug cartels in Colombia.

  • May 7: A car bomb kills one and injures five, outside a government building in Pereira, capital of Risaralda State. No group claims responsibility but the government blames drug lords who declared war on the country nine months earlier.[6]

  • May 13: Two car bombs explode simultaneously in the Quirigua and Niza shopping malls during Mother's Day in Bogotá killing 19, including six children, and wounding 140, while another bomb exploded in a restaurant in Cali, killing six and injuring 20. Authorities say the Medellín Cartel is to blame for the attacks.[7]

  • May 16 The IRA detonate a bomb under a military minibus in London, killing Sgt Charles Chapman, and injuring four other soldiers.[8]

  • May 17: A bomb inside a shopping mall in Cartagena wounds 22. The Medellín Cartel is blamed.[9]

  • May 25: A suicide bomber detonates a car bomb when stopped by police, killing himself and three others in Medellín.[10]

  • May 30: PLF attempts an attack on Nitzanim beach, near Tel Aviv. The attackers are intercepted, and four of them are killed.

  • June 15: A car bomb kills four near a police station in Medellín. Authorities blame the Medellín Cartel which had previously pledged to murder police in retaliation to the government's anti-drug policies.[11]

  • June 29: A car bomb kills 14 and injures 30 in Medellín. The Medellín Cartel is blamed by authorities.[12]

  • July 15: A round of terrorist attacks leaves 40 dead in Medellín. Another bomb exploded in Puerto Asís, killing six and injuring five.[13]

  • July 20: The IRA detonate a bomb at the London Stock Exchange causing damage to the building. Nobody was injured in the blast.[14]

  • July 30: Ian Gow MP killed by a car bomb planted by the IRA while at his home in Sussex.

  • August 10: A bus going from Tbilisi, Georgia to Agdam, Azerbaijan is blown up. Twenty people die and 33 are injured.

  • October 24: A series of car bombings directed by the IRA in Northern Ireland leave six British soldiers and a civilian dead and 37 wounded.

  • September: Rebels bomb two sections of Colombia's Caño Limón pipeline. It is the fourth attack against the pipeline in two weeks, and rebel group ELN claims responsibility.[15]

  • November 5: Assassination of Meir Kahane head of Israel's Koch party and founder of the American vigilante group the Jewish Defense League in a Manhattan, New York hotel lobby by early elements of Al Queda.

  • December 13: A remote control bomb kills seven police officer and injures 23 more in Medellín. Authorities blame the Medellín Cartel for the attack

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