List of terrorist incidents, 1985

The following is a timeline of acts and failed attempts that can be considered non-state terrorism in 1985.

  • February 23: Paris Marks & Spencer shop, one bomb, one dead, 18 wounded, attributed to pro-Iranian Lebanese Hezbollah.

  • February 28: IRA mortar attack kills nine police officers in Newry.

  • March 8: Car bomb explodes in Beirut, killing 80, injuring 175; allegedly planned and executed by "rogue elements" of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.[1]

  • March 9: Paris, Cinema Rivoli, 18 injured, pro-Iranian Lebanese Hezbollah

  • March 9: Bunovo train station, 7 killed, 29 injured, Turkish Freedom Movement

  • March 12: Three Armenian terrorists attack the Turkish Embassy in Ottawa, killing the guard.

  • March 14: A bomb explode in the Irnam Reza hall, Mashhad, Iran, kills 25 and injures 70. Which blame on People's Mujahedin of Iran guerrilla group.[citation needed]

  • June 14: TWA Flight 847 skyjacking, Hezbollah, see FBI Most Wanted Terrorists. Terrorists take passengers of an Athens-Rome flight hostage, murdering US Navy Seaman, Robert Stethem.

  • April 2: During the Pizzolungo massacre, were killed 3 people and were injured 4 people.

  • April 9: A suicide car bomber drove an explosive laden vehicle into an Israeli army partol, killing 2 soldiers. This was the worlds first female suicide bomber, at just 17-years-old.

  • April 25: Lord Justice Maurice Gibson and his wife Lady Cecily Gibson are assassinated by an IRA radio-controlled bomb in Killeen, South Armagh.

  • May 14: The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam massacre 146 Sinhalese civilians in the Anuradhapura massacre.[2] This remains one of the largest massacres of civilians carried out by any terrorist group to-date. This was also the deadliest terrorist attack in Sri Lankan history.

  • June 19: Zona Rosa Attacks Four United States Marines, two United States businessmen, a Guatemalan, a Chilean, and four Salvadorans were killed in a machine gun attack in the Zona Rosa area of San Salvador, El Salvador. The groups responsible for carrying out the attack were the Central American Revolutionary Workers'Party (PRTC) and its terrorist arm, the Mardoqueo Cruz Urban Commando (CMC)

  • June 22: Air India Flight 182 is blown up by a bomb put onboard the flight from Canada to India by unknown terrorists. All 329 people on board, most of them Canadian citizens, are killed. At the time, the deadliest terrorist attack ever, and still the deadliest act of terrorism in Canadian history. A second Air India flight from Canada was targeted on the same day, but the bomb exploded at Narita Airport, in the luggage outside the aircraft, killing two baggage handlers, bringing the total death toll of the act to 331.

  • July 10: Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior bombed in Auckland harbour by operatives from the French foreign intelligence agency (DGSE), killing one person.

  • July 22: Two near-simultaneous bombs in Copenhagen, at the Jewish synagogue and at the offices of Northwest Orient, explode, killing one and injuring 32. The bombers are interrupted while placing a third, more powerful, bomb, which they later dispose of in the city's harbour. The bombs are later linked to Islamic Jihad.

  • July 24: A bomb blast, following to caught fire of Yangon-Mandalay passenger train, Toungoo, Myanmar, which blamed on Karen National Union guerrilla group, kills 61 and injures 112.[citation needed]

  • and and  United States October 7 – October 10: Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking by Palestinian Liberation Front, during which passenger Leon Klinghoffer, a 69 year-old wheelchair-using Jewish American citizen, is shot dead and thrown overboard.

  • October 11: Arab anti-discrimination group leader Alex Odeh is killed when a bomb explodes in his Santa Ana, California office.

  • November 6: Palace of Justice siege: M-19 guerrillas seize the Supreme Court building in Bogotá, Colombia. The next day, an operation to free the hostages leaves some 100 people dead.

  • November 23: EgyptAir Flight 648 hijacked by Abu Nidal group, flown to Malta, where Egyptian commandos storm plane; 60 are killed by gunfire and explosions.

  • December 7: Paris, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps shops, two bombs, 51 injured, attributed to pro-Iranian Lebanese Hizbollah

  • December 11: computer rental store owner, Hugh Scrutton, is the first fatality of the Unabomber's neo-luddite campaign

  • December 27: Rome and Vienna Airport Attacks. In all, the attacks killed 19, including a child, and wounded around 140.

  • Investigators associated with the WHO reported that U.S.-funded Contras repeatedly destroyed health-care facilities and murdered health-care workers in Nicaraqua.

  • December 23 Amanzimtoti South Africa bombing by MK cadre Andrew Sibusiso Zondo, detonated in a rubbish bin at the Sanlam shopping centre. Five people died in the blast and more than forty were injured.

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